Creekside Pavilion

Maximum Guest count: 75

Also known as the “covered pavilion,” this is everyone’s favorite rain plan ceremony location. It’s the next best thing to being completely outdoors. In the fall we pull down the clear tent sides in one section of the pavilion to help shelter against cooler winds as winter approaches. This site is also an excellent choice for summer weddings when an earlier ceremony time is chosen and you need shade.

A traditional arbor is located in the pavilion with greenery and white flowers by Ling’s Moments and we’ll add silk flowers that closely match your own wedding colors. Warm white string lights are in the ceiling of the pavilion, and flicking lanterns are hung on several poles. Our turning water wheel is right next to the pavilion, and its less than a minute’s walk from the barn exit beneath the chandelier.

We’ll set out up to 75 dark wooden folding chairs for you beneath the intimate cover of the pavilion for your ceremony, then clear the area for dancing and socializing while everyone is in the reception area enjoying a tasty meal. This cute little building is the main hangout here at Honeysuckle Hills, and we always keep a little cooler of iced down bottled water for your guests. The bartender will set up here in warmer months so that everyone can get their drinks easily if you choose to have alcohol at your wedding.

Many areas in the pavilion can be used for wedding photography when it’s raining, and the direction of light is quite pleasing.

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