Commonly Asked Questions

What Is Honeysuckle Hills?

Honeysuckle Hills is an all-inclusive wedding venue in the Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg area of the Smoky Mountains. My name is Regina and I created this venue in 2006 out of my love for nature and the mountains I was born in. My family and staff enjoy providing an intensely personal wedding experience with genuine Southern hospitality. The red barn on the property was originally built in 1950. We repurposed it in 2006 to include dressing areas, a wedding chapel and reception area. Many people are surprised when they walk inside the barn, because it looks more like a cabin with its wooden pine walls and country-chic decor. The land surrounding the barn, used as a hay field decades ago, is now filled with flower gardens and landscaping features that create a magical wedding atmosphere. Honeysuckle Hills is the only wedding venue in the Smoky Mountains where couples can have photographs made with horses running behind them. Our venue is best described as a photography studio where you can also get married, because there are so many sites that can be used as backdrops. Be sure to give your photographer extra time to enjoy as many of our lovely scenes as possible.

How Is Honeysuckle Hills Unique From All The Other Gatlinburg Wedding Venues?

There are 3 things that separate Honeysuckle Hills from all the other wedding venues in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. The first is the intensely personal experience. My family and staff will interact with you and your family almost to the point of entertaining at times (read our Google reviews for first-hand experiences). The second thing that makes Honeysuckle Hills stand out is the natural beauty, hardscapes and flower gardens that bloom seasonally from April to October, many of which can be chosen for the wedding ceremony.

There are more locations to use for wedding photographs than you’ll be able to fit in. The third thing is that couples are able to have photographs made with our horses, Sugar and Ben, who will run around you and sometimes even stop to kiss you. Sugar, our white wedding horse, has a reputation for sticking out her tongue. Honeysuckle Hills has an intimate, down-home, “take off your shoes and breathe in the mountains” atmosphere.

What Is An All-Inclusive Wedding Venue?

An all-inclusive wedding venue provides the most commonly needed vendors, décor, and staff needed for a successful wedding event, as opposed to a venue that simply rents its space alone. Many couples choose an all-inclusive wedding venue to reduce the stress of planning, decorating and the struggles associated with the flow of events on wedding day. Honeysuckle Hills is an all-inclusive wedding venue with packages that include your food, cake, bouquets, DJ, wedding officiant and coordination. I will help you find the perfect photographer for your wedding with reception, such as Jessica and Garrett Nunn. I’m your hospitality hostess making sure everyone feels welcome. I love sharing family and area history, plus keeping the atmosphere lively. Many times I assist the coordinator as they direct your wedding, too.

You won’t have to worry about decorating, either, because our venue is already set up and ready to go. It has a rustic, country-chic atmosphere with permanent décor that fills the needs of the popular majority. We’ll also set out items to personalize your wedding such as guest books, favors and pictures.

Who Is The In-House Coordinator At Honeysuckle Hills?

Regina Starkey is your wedding planner and hospitality hostess at the Honeysuckle Hills wedding venue (Yep, that’s me!) I’m your first point of contact, available from start to finish through your planning process.  When you book an all-inclusive wedding with reception, you’ll meet the fine crew from Custom Love Gifts and Events. Their team will coordinate your wedding, keeping everything on time and running smoothly.

Sometimes I forget to even mention that a coordinator is included in your wedding package because it is second nature to me. The planning begins from your first contact when I help you with availability and recommend the wedding package that will work best for your needs. After that I set up the officiant (who will perform the ceremony and file your license,) as well as the caterer, DJ, and florist. I can’t serve or sell alcohol, but I can help you find a fun bartender. I can also help with things like a photo booth, hair and make-up stylists, and where to stay. You’ll even get a wedding day itinerary right away and my staff and I will make sure everything flows smoothly. A lot of my couples will message me asking, “is there anything I need to be doing?” because they feel like they should be doing more.

Who Are The Vendors Included In Honeysuckle Hills Weddings With Receptions Packages?

Choose 2 Coaches Catering as your caterer and enjoy things like grilled steak and chicken, plus their famous cowboy potatoes!

 From the Heart Florist has provided bouquets for our entire 16+ years of existence. The DJ we use is the famed Chris with J3 Entertainment. He has a smooth, professional voice and knows how to keep the party going! He is the bow on the entire wedding package, providing things like a microphone for your officiant, lighting and speakers both inside and outside.

We have several officiants to choose from including myself (Regina Starkey, as a Tennessee Notary Public), Pastor Lloyd (faith-based minister), and brother Dennis Sutton (longtime TN native, Notary Public and police officer).

Our weddings with receptions do not include a photographer, because we know this is an intensely personal decision for you. Feel free to choose the photographer of your choice. If you need recommendations, my first suggestion will always be Jessica and Garrett Nunn. Many other talented photographers have been at our venue, so don’t hesitate to ask me for a list. With so many beautiful places to have photographs made, you want to be sure you hire the best talent possible!

Can I Remove Vendors From The Honeysuckle Hills All-Inclusive Package If I Don’t Need Them?

Yes, Honeysuckle Hills will allow you to use your own officiant, bouquets and photographer. We will even discount your wedding package if the officiant or bouquet credit is not needed. Our reception packages are already priced without the photographer. The DJ, catering hostess and coordinator cannot be removed because these vendors are essential. Without them, the entire Honeysuckle Hills unique experience is lost. We are not a DIY wedding venue.

Does Honeysuckle Hills Book Smaller Weddings Without A Reception?

Absolutely! Honeysuckle Hills has elopement packages for couples only as well as micro-weddings with guests. Explore all these options on our separate website dedicated to these events:

Who Counts As A Guest When I’m Choosing My Wedding Package?

Count anyone of walking age as a guest when choosing a Honeysuckle Hills wedding package. If they’re walking, they will likely be old enough to have their own seat at the ceremony or reception, and you’ll probably include them in photographs, too. However, smaller children don’t necessarily count toward the reception headcount unless they will eat a plate of food on their own. I’ve seen some ten-year-olds graze off their parent’s plate, and I’ve seen some parents go through the line twice for their three-year-old strapping boy. Use your own good sense judgment to ensure everyone has enough to eat at your wedding reception. The only people that do not count as a guest is you and your partner.

What Is The Maximum Number Of Guests Honeysuckle Hills Can Accommodate?

Honeysuckle Hills has ceremony and reception sites that accommodate up to 75 guests comfortably in the months of April through mid-November. We have entertained as many as 100 guests, but this is only possible by squeezing everyone in. In winter months, we recommend keeping the guest count at 40 or below, because our heated upstairs chapel comfortably seats 40 people and has a maximum capacity for 50.

How Far In Advance Should I Book My Wedding At Honeysuckle Hills?

We recommend booking your Honeysuckle Hills wedding at least 9 months to 1 year in advance, on average. Our venue limits bookings to only 1 per day, and only 3 in any given week. Typically, by March 1st we reach 95% booking capacity for the current calendar year and are well under way booking for the next year. Cancellations do unfortunately happen, opening up a last minute booking on occasion.

Here is a month-by-month recommendation based on our venue’s 16-year history:

January – Off season, easy to book last minute.
February – Off-season, easy to book within a few months except for holidays.
March – Beginning of season, typically books 6-9 months in advance.
April – In-season, typically books 9 months to a year in advance.
May – In-season, typically books 9 months to a year in advance.
June – In season, typically books 9 months to a year in advance.
July – In season, but a hotter month booking 6-9 months in advance.
August – In season, but a hotter month booking 6-9 months in advance.
September – High season, with Saturdays booking a year or more in advance.
October – High season, weekdays or Saturdays booking a year or more in advance.
November – First 2 weeks high season, weekdays or Saturdays booking a year or more in advance. Last 2 weeks typically book 6-9 months in advance.
December – Off season, with venue preferring to book only Saturdays in order to get caught up with editing and wedding image delivery.

Will You Hold My Honeysuckle Hills Wedding Date While I’m Researching To Make My Decision?

Depending on how far in advance you are inquiring and how popular your wedding date is, we will sometimes hold your wedding date for a few days as a courtesy. The only way to guarantee your wedding date is to officially contract with us and make your first payment within 3 days after signing your contract. Our heaviest booking season is during the months of December through February. During this time your chosen wedding date of that calendar year may be available when you originally inquire, but booked within a few days or even hours later. Be sure to indicate how strong your intentions are to book with us during this time with no room for assumption. If you have not received a contract, the date is open for someone else.

Can I Tour The Honeysuckle Hills Wedding Venue Before Booking?

Yes, Honeysuckle Hills offers venue tours by appointment. We love meeting you in person! Touring is the absolute best way for us to get know each other and the venue itself. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate walk-ins, so please schedule your appointment as far in advance as possible. We give our wedding couples as much privacy as we possibly can, and running a farm means there are a whole lot of chores to be done. It breaks my heart when someone drives hundreds of miles only to arrive when another wedding is taking place, when we’re out running errands, or when I’m up to my knees in horse poop and can’t give the tour. Honestly though, you should schedule an appointment for any wedding venue here in the Smoky Mountains.

What Days Of The Week Does Honeysuckle Hills Book Weddings?

We book weddings on Wednesdays through Saturdays. Tuesdays are reserved for cleaning, farm chores and editing wedding images. We are closed on Sundays and Mondays. We are also closed on major holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Does Honeysuckle Hills Have An Online Availability Calendar?

Honeysuckle Hills does not have an online calendar for availability. There are several reasons we do not offer it: One reason is because we prefer to help our couples personally. Another reason is because of the method in which we book our weddings. For example, if we book a large wedding with reception on one day, we would not book another one the day after. However, we would book a smaller elopement package.

How Do I Book A Wedding At Honeysuckle Hills And What Is The Cancellation Policy?

To officially book a wedding at Honeysuckle Hills, I will send a contract by email from DocuSign. You will have seven days to review this contract, and your date is tentatively held during this time. After you sign the contract, I’ll send an invoice for the first 1/3 payment and it is due within three days. The next payments are due 60 days and 14 days prior to the wedding. All payments are non-refundable. Event insurance is not required, but highly recommended. One you might consider is

Does The Honeysuckle Hills Wedding Venue Have A Back-up Location In Case It Rains?

Yes, Honeysuckle Hills has both an indoor wedding chapel as well as an open-air covered pavilion in case it rains. The wedding chapel upstairs seats 40 people comfortably with a maximum capacity of 50 seats. The outdoor covered pavilion seats 75 comfortably with a maximum capacity of 100 (whew that’s a tight fit, though!)

Does Honeysuckle Hills Have Dressing Rooms?

Yes, Honeysuckle Hills has two separate dressing rooms for use any time after 9:00am. I used to wonder why in the world couples would even ask me this, but the Smoky Mountains has hundreds of wedding businesses, including ones who literally will arrange a wedding at a pull-off on the Foothills Parkway. This is why I stand by the saying, “If you can’t find a venue you love in the Smoky Mountains, you just don’t want to get married!”

Does Honeysuckle Hills Welcome Same Sex Couples?

Yes, Honeysuckle Hills welcomes same-sex couples like any other couple in love. I will even officiate the wedding for you!

Should I Book My Lodging First, Or My Wedding Venue?

Always book your Tennessee wedding venue first. Even though there are literally hundreds of wedding venues in the Smoky Mountains, each offers a unique theme or experience. When you decide which type of venue you want, this narrows down the choices. Cabin rentals may not have availability on the alternative date you desire and are often non-refundable. It may also be difficult to change things like time off work, etc.

Does Honeysuckle Hills Offer A Livestream Of My Wedding For Guests Who Couldn’t Make It?

A Honeysuckle Hills staff member is happy to use your own device during the ceremony to live stream your wedding from your own private Facebook page, Zoom, etc. We can also livestream to our own public Facebook business page, but this is open for all the world to see. If you’re a more private person, I recommend creating your own private Facebook page for this.

Does Honeysuckle Hills Allow Pets?

Absolutely! Honeysuckle Hills is the most pet-friendly wedding venue in the Smoky Mountains. We’ve welcomed cats, big dogs, little dogs and even two pygmy goats.

Do I Have To Have A Marriage License To Book A Wedding At Honeysuckle Hills?

Honeysuckle Hills follows all state and national laws, so you MUST have a Tennessee marriage license for your ceremony here. This is super easy to get and you can even start the application process online at the Sevier County Courthouse. Their website lists the documents you’ll need to bring with you and the locations to pick up your license. The license is good for 30 days once you pick it up and there is no waiting period to use it. The wedding officiant provided by your venue will file the license at the courthouse after the wedding and the courthouse will mail your official certificate that is used to change your name.

Honeysuckle Hills does not perform commitment ceremonies without a marriage license.

Can I Book A Sunset Wedding Ceremony At Honeysuckle Hills?

We caution a sunset ceremony because this romantic event only lasts for 15 minutes, and then it’s dark. This means photography is over. We close at 10:00PM, so it’s likely that you won’t have enough time for your reception activities, either.

Does Honeysuckle Hills Have A Mountain View For My Wedding Ceremony?

Honeysuckle Hills has a romantic mountain view ceremony site with rolling hills and meadows in the foreground. It is a unique location because there are so little structures visible in the distance. By fall of 2023, the parking lot and ceremony site will be ready for you! Previously, we drove couples only in our jeep to this stunning location for photography only. I’m excited beyond words to finally be able to welcome you to this peaceful mountain escape! You’ll also be able to walk along the old cattle and horse trail to other sites for photography. We have a tall oak tree with a swing, and a maple tree area that is sought after during the fall when its leaves change to a vibrant red.

Honeysuckle Hills has beautiful mountain ridge/hill views on the lower grounds, too. One of these tall hills is the right of our willow tree ceremony site, and we also take gorgeous photographs of this landscape feature with our tree limb “hobbit” bridge.

How Do I Have Photographs Made With The Honeysuckle Hills Wedding Horses?

Wedding photographs with the Honeysuckle Hills horses are possible by adding this experience to any of our wedding packages. This is one of the most fun, unique, and unforgettable experiences we offer for your wedding.

We’ll need a copy of your photographer’s insurance listing Honeysuckle Hills as additionally insured. The photographers on our preferred vendor list have already provided this. All participants must sign a waiver required by our insurance company whether you use your own photographer or if I’m photographing you with the horses as part of our elopement packages.

We do not allow children under 10-years-old in the horse field. This is not the best first time introduction to horses for small children, because our horses are not “petting zoo” or trail horses. They are unbridled and approach quickly and closely. I recommend only bringing your children into the horse field if they have hands-on experience caring for horses and riding. Tourist trail riding experiences do not count.

We do NOT offer horseback weddings or photographs on the backs of our horses.

How Do I Get Help If My Question Was Not Listed In This Article?

Easy! Simply text me or email me. No question is too big or small, and there are definitely no stupid questions. Just ask me!